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Chef Linda


​I have created these classes out of my own passion for food and my love of cooking. I truly hope you enjoy my classes and can walk away with the knowledge and confidence to cook these menus in your own home.

A little about myself; I have been in the F&B (Food and Beverage) industry for almost 40 years, working in and owning many operations. I have travelled and worked abroad cooking and sampling cuisines from all over the globe.

This soon became my passion, to learn to cook so many different cuisines, then cook these at my home in Hawaii, using local and seasonal ingredients, sometimes putting my own twist or “local flavor” to the dish. My favorite part of my travels are the various cooking classes I took in every country visited.

Now my dream of bringing this experience to you has come true! Mahalo and let’s get cooking!

A must-do for anyone who loves food and would like to learn more about Hawaiian food... This was the highlight of our trip! - Mehtaj

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